Raul Rodriguez is an artist and curator from Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated with a BFA from the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design. His work is informed by the contrast between his identity and the political and social characteristics of the U.S. Often gravitating towards communities that are “in the fight” for something, his documentary approach is composed mainly through the camera lens.

Although he is primarily a photographic artist, Raul's curatorial, educational and social practice has led to considerable opportunities in gallery, community and educational spaces working with organizations like The Boys and Girls Club, Texas Christian University, The Oak Cliff Cultural Art Center and Make Art With Purpose. He is the founder of a photographic platform called Deep Red Press, is part of a Latinx artist collective named Latino Hustle, and has showcased the work of peers and artists locally and regionally.

Raul is also writer and publisher, working with artists and photographers that document similar realms of the social landscape. Follow his project Deep Red Press to see more.